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EmbroidMe offers a complete screen printing service on a large range of clothing, umbrellas, bags and other materials. For larger quantities, this can often work out to be the most cost effective solution.

The maximum number of printed colours is usually six. If your order requirement is less than 20, talk to us about our new direct-to-garment printing technology. We offer a complete Screen Printing service on a large range of clothing including T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Jumpers, umbrellas, bags and other materials.

Using traditional techniques for screen printing along with the latest in digital technologies we are committed to providing our clients with practical output solutions for your screen printing requirements.

Screen Printing Shirts is one of the oldest processes used to reproduce an image. It is achieved by means of ink passed through the gaps in a stencil, affixed to a mesh.

Reproduction by stencils date back to early Chinese and Egyptian civilisations. The method was originally called silk screen printing for the simple reason that the mesh used was silk. The silk was stretched on a square wooden frame and the ink was forced through by means of a squeegee, usually of rubber.

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