• 2Do I have to buy a product from EmbroidMe in order to have it customised?

    In short no. You can bring in your own garment. We do however have a huge range of products to choose from and can save you time and hassle by providing all your branding solutions under the one roof. This way, we can guarantee the highest quality material has been used to ensure your 100% satisfaction. 

    Another thing to bear in mind (especially when uniforms are involved), is that retailers change their lines all the time. To ensure you can re-order more identical uniforms for spares or for that new staff member, it’s always best to get them from EmbroidMe. 

  • 3What types of artwork do you normally require?

    If you have a company logo it’s best you can supply this in a vectorised format. This allows us to resize it without losing any quality. EPS or PDF files are ideal, however high res JPGs can sometimes be used. If you’re unsure, email it in and we’ll let you know.

  • 4What is the Standard Production time?

    Normal production time for most products is 7-10 working days from artwork approval. However certain products will often be ready earlier.

    Promotional Products sometimes require a certain lead time. Contact us today and we'll do our best to meet your deadlines.

  • 6Can I order products from EmbroidMe online?

    Absolutely. We can establish your own private access to an Online Company Store, where you (and authorised staff) can login and order for a pre-agreed set of garments, decorations, prices and logos. Contact us about establishing your own secure Online Company Store.